11/1 – Flash Fiction Entry – Rage

Please use the phrase: Please call me back

300 words or less

Hunter stared as he spun his wedding ring on the white formica desk and watched it spin until it slowed down rattled flat.  He rubbed his eyes and sighed.   He opened the desk drawer to the left of him, looking at the divorce papers from his wife.  He had not signed them yet.  He picked up the phone, started dialing her but stopped.  Hunter’s boss leaned out of the doorway to is office.

 “Come into my office Myers.” said Mr. Donatelli.

Hunter got up and walked into his boss’s office.

“Sit down”, Mr. Donatelli said.

Hunter sat down.

“What’s going on Jim?” Hunter said.

“You screwed it, you completely screwed it.” Mr. Donatelli said. “The Independence Bank loan, they pulled the deal because you didn’t file the paperwork in time.  They went with Caleb, they closed with them.  What the hell happened?”

“I was in traffic.  I couldn’t get to the county clerk.  I left you a message.  I called Pete asking him to help since he was also on the account.” Hunter said.

“Pete didn’t say anything about it.  Nonetheless,   have to let you go Hunter.  This is crippling to us”

“But Jim…”

“No…pack your desk and go”

Tears began to well up in Hunter’s eyes.  He gritted his teeth and walked out of Jim’s office.

“Hey man”, Pete said when he saw Hunter.

“You prick”, Hunter said.

He ran to Pete and punched him in the mouth knocking him down.  Hunter grabbed the phone receiver and began bashing Pete’s face in with it. 

“I left you six messages…please call me back, please call me back, Pete please call me back!” Hunter shouted and hit Pete with each utterance.

The office security team converged on Hunter and dragged him off of Pete whose face was bloody and beaten.

Word Count: 299




Suggestions wanted

I’ve decided to revamp my writing.com portfolio, which is where I’d been keeping a lot of my online work.  I deleted most of the garbage on there, such as ramblings and unfinished chapters.  I’ve been in the writing doldrums recently and needed to begin fresh.

Do any of you ever just trash it all and start anew?  I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do, but I feel better about it so far.  Granted, I still have my unfinished items buried on my laptop, so they’re technically not “gone”, but I felt like hitting that delete key.

I picked up brand new writing software, thinking it might juggle my brain a little bit to see my writing in a bit of a different setting.

Looking for tips or suggestion to get out of the rut of not being able to come up with any quality production.

If you don’t mind – leave a message, tweet me, email me…something.



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