NaNoWrimo – Day 3/30 – Writing Buddies Accepted!!

It’s day three of NaNoWrimo 2013.  Usually I’ve already burnt out and killed my piece of garbage novel somwhere around the 4,000 word mark, gotten frustrated that I wrote a complete bunch of crap and given up.  Wow, I suck!


But not this year.  My story still sucks, I have plot holes, unintentional tense changes and a 15 page prologue that’s about 14 and 1/2 pages too long but it involves pirates.  Lots of pirates and as cliche as I write them it’s fun talking like a pirate…or writing like one anyway.

Just a motivation push to all participants, keep on writing!!!


If you want to join me as a writing buddy, heres my link:

Thank for reading,

NaNoWriMo Word Counter



One thought on “NaNoWrimo – Day 3/30 – Writing Buddies Accepted!!

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