Six Sentence Sunday – 9/09/2012

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Happy Sunday,

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This six is a continuation of last week’s entry, my very short flash fiction piece that I entered on

The Warlock and Vanessa remain in his tower, he holds her body close, as his spell has seemingly taken her over.  To read the prior entries leading to this one, just check out my last few Six Sunday entries throughout this blog.


She opened her mouth and bared her fangs.  She bit into the warlock’s neck and drank his blood until he was dead.  His body hit the floor at Vanessa’s feet.  She picked up his cane then wiped the blood from her lips and opened the door leading out of the tower.  Vanessa looked back at the dead warlock.

“Your magic was worthless, madman”, Vanessa said.

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One thought on “Six Sentence Sunday – 9/09/2012

  1. Well, that was unexpected. Great six!

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