#SixSunday – 8/26/2012

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Happy Sunday,

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This six is a continuation of last week’s entry.

The Warlock and his captive remain seated in a room atop his tower.


“I do have that power, Vanessa”, he said.

Facing the warlock  was a woman in a black dress bound to a chair with white rope.   Her eyes emerald and hair as red as blood.  She didn’t move or struggle with the rope, her only expression was a smile at the man seated across from her.

The warlock rose from the chair and took his twisted black cane which rested against the desk.  He pointed it at Vanessa and recited a language she didn’t understand.  

 As always, feel free to leave a comment or a correction.  I welcome all criticism and use it to get better.

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7 thoughts on “#SixSunday – 8/26/2012

  1. Sounds like an interesting story 🙂

  2. Monica Enderle Pierce says:

    Either she’s incredibly courages or mad. Or both. Intriguing six!

  3. Carrie Crain says:

    Maybe she’s just trying to play it cool. I bet she’s concocted some plan of escape. Wicked six!

  4. Rae Renzi says:

    Tantalizing six. The characterization is very nice, with a lot accomplished in a few words. One little suggestion (since you asked): the POV is a little unclear to me.

  5. Hi Rae, thanks for stopping by, and I always welcome suggestions. We are in The Warlock’s perspective. Chopping it up into six sentences each week diminishes it sometimes, I should have edited it more clearly.


  6. Frank Fisher says:

    I wonder what it is he’s reciting to her? Good six Rob!

  7. Jessica Subject says:

    Interesting that she’s not scared. I’m sure she has her reasons. 🙂

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