Suggestions wanted

I’ve decided to revamp my portfolio, which is where I’d been keeping a lot of my online work.  I deleted most of the garbage on there, such as ramblings and unfinished chapters.  I’ve been in the writing doldrums recently and needed to begin fresh.

Do any of you ever just trash it all and start anew?  I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do, but I feel better about it so far.  Granted, I still have my unfinished items buried on my laptop, so they’re technically not “gone”, but I felt like hitting that delete key.

I picked up brand new writing software, thinking it might juggle my brain a little bit to see my writing in a bit of a different setting.

Looking for tips or suggestion to get out of the rut of not being able to come up with any quality production.

If you don’t mind – leave a message, tweet me, email me…something.



My writer's block

I’ve hit a roadblock


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