Six Sentence Sunday – 1/15/2012

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Jason and Sam are still feeling each other out in this WIP called “The Devil’s Angel”.

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Sam smiled and gestured towards the door of the office that Jason had just come in through.

“I have a car outside, we’ll need to stop by your house so that you can pick up a few things”, Sam explained.

Jason’s mind raced with thoughts of escape, should he grab the doorknob and run for his life?

“Don’t try running Jason, I think you know I can find you”, Sam said.

Jason shuddered and immediately became dejected, his eyes sunk and his shoulders slumped as he turned to the door and opened it, leading the way out to the church’s rear parking lot.

“Please just tell me why you want me”, Jason said.


7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – 1/15/2012

  1. Alix Cameron says:

    Oh I can feel his sense of powerlessness.

  2. Gem Sivad says:

    He seems to accept that he’s in trouble. Intriguing six!

  3. Never good to feel out of options!

  4. I don’t know exactly what predicament this man is in, but I am immediately intrigued. I want to know why he’s stuck with this man, how would he find him if he ran and why would he even need to run? I love it. 🙂

  5. Ryan says:

    I’m kinda hoping Jason calls his bluff and runs for it. Great suspense and cool Six!

  6. Nice tension in a short piece, well done!

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