My Kindle broke after 3 great years. I’m quite saddened by this and have not read or written in weeks.

I have, however, purchased a Kindle Fire which should be here Thursday.



Six Sentence Sunday – 12/11/2011

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Hello Six Sunday friends.  Hope you all want to catch up with Jason Salvo and his new plight.  I love getting your comments and critiques, so please feel free to leave them here and as always, I would love to gain some new friends on Twitter!

“And who are you?”, Jason asked.

The man stood up from the chair, pursed his lips and straightened the knot of his scarlet red tie with his left hand.

Jason’s eyes followed the man’s hand and he gasped slightly when he saw the long, black pointed fingernails.

“I’m about to become your newest friend Jason, you can call me Sam”, the man told him.

“Why do I want to be your friend?”, the fear in Jason’s voice was obvious.

“Because you certainly don’t want to be my enemy”, Sam answered.

Lets continue it next Sunday!


Six Sentence Sunday – 12/04/2011

Hey Six Sentence Sunday friends.  The continuing saga of Jason Salvo is here.  I hope you all like it.

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Anyhow, the reason we’re here:

Jason’s back pushed tight against the wall, his eyes fixed on the man at the desk.

He watched as the man took his feet off the desk and listened as the hard leather of his shoes clapped against the wooden floor.

Jason’s mind raced with questions about this man, who he was, why he was here and what had happened to Father Joe.

As if he read Jason’s mind the man told him, “Father Joe’s not going to be joining us”

The man’s left hand rubbed his beard back and forth as he looked around in Jason’s direction, but not directly at him.

“But I’m here, and that’s what matters”, he finished.

To be continued next Sunday!

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