Six Sentence Sunday – 11/27/2011

Good morning Sunday Six’ers!  I have been using this story for my NaNoWriMo attempt which has completely fallen apart.  I’m using this outlet to clean it up in pieces and have really enjoyed it thus far.  Thanks for all the comments and critiques, I’m glad to part of this wonderful community.

The man in the office was leaning back in the familiar cherry leather chair that Father Joe Sullivan normally occupied. 

His hands were on his stomach with interlocked fingers, immaculately polished black shoes rested on the desk, one crossed over the other.

“Come in Jason.” he told the boy.

Jason finally let go of the doorknob and entered the dark office, his nose immediately filled with the scent of sweet cologne mixed with the faint odor of sulfur.

“Have a seat son.”, he said to Jason as he took one hand off his stomach and gestured to the wooden chair on the other side of the desk. 

Jason pushed his back against the wall, apprehensive about taking a step further.

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One thought on “Six Sentence Sunday – 11/27/2011

  1. oh dear I feel apprehensive for him. Well done.

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