Six Sentence Sunday – 11/6/2011

At the corner of Atlantic and Garden, Monty passed the only open place at this time of night.

A neon sign lit the entire corner and shone off of Monty’s face with a smoky blue glow.

It read “Sammy’s” and it glowed in the dark night.

Monty pressed his hands up against the window and saw a sparse crowd of only three or four people at the bar.

He wanted nothing more than to drown his sorrows in a cold one and he dug into his pants pockets to see if he had any money on him.

He found nothing and checked all the pockets in his Army jacket to see if anything would turn up.


4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – 11/6/2011

  1. Ranae Rose says:

    Aw, poor guy. Not even enough change for a beer. 😦

  2. Dee Carney says:

    He sounds like he's in a bad place, indeed.

  3. Siobhan says:

    I like the title of your blog 'Mad Warlock.' I'm working on a novel about warlocks myself right now.

  4. Robert Pace says:

    Thanks Siobhan, would love to read your stuff.

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