NaNoWriMo Day 4

So after falling behind I was finally able to pump out a few hundred more words and break the 5,000 mark.  I think I’m done for the night.  Just want get my count updated on the web site, but it’s currently down for a fix.
This contest definitely has me pumped up and even though I feel like Im writing myself in circles, I am glad I’m doing it.  I will eventually go back, edit and redo the story to make better sense of Jason Salvo’s plight to not become a pawn of Satan.

Who will overcome? Perhaps one day you’ll read it and find out.

My current word count is 5,066 which averages out to 1,267 per day.  It’s currently off the pace, but I plan to have one good 5k word day this weekend, possibly Sunday if I hit the local write-in.

Wish me luck, as I do for you.

Keep plugging away NaNo’s!!!


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