Six Sentence Sunday – 11/27/2011

Good morning Sunday Six’ers!  I have been using this story for my NaNoWriMo attempt which has completely fallen apart.  I’m using this outlet to clean it up in pieces and have really enjoyed it thus far.  Thanks for all the comments and critiques, I’m glad to part of this wonderful community.

The man in the office was leaning back in the familiar cherry leather chair that Father Joe Sullivan normally occupied. 

His hands were on his stomach with interlocked fingers, immaculately polished black shoes rested on the desk, one crossed over the other.

“Come in Jason.” he told the boy.

Jason finally let go of the doorknob and entered the dark office, his nose immediately filled with the scent of sweet cologne mixed with the faint odor of sulfur.

“Have a seat son.”, he said to Jason as he took one hand off his stomach and gestured to the wooden chair on the other side of the desk. 

Jason pushed his back against the wall, apprehensive about taking a step further.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 11/20/2011

Going to continue Jason’s journey into the church this weekend.  Would love for this story to become my novel.

Enjoy it six sunday friends!

“Come in son”, the voice said in the dark office.

“Father Joe, is that you”, Jason asked.

Jason looked into the dark and saw a man in a black suit sitting in the green leather chair, his feet up on the desk.

His hands twirled something that looked like a crucifix, but Jason had to squint to make it out.

“Who are you”, Jason asked as he kept his right hand on the doorknob in a false sense of security.

“I’m not father Joe, if that’s what you need to know”, the man said.

Six Sentence Sunday – 11/13/2011

As Jason reached Father’s Sullivan’s door, he stopped and listened to make sure he wasn’t disturbing anything by being very early to the church.

He turned his head sideways and listened while pressing his head right up against the door.
He heard no sound on the other side of the door so he knocked and waited for a response.
“Come in”, a voice said.
Jason turned the brass knob slowly, pushed the door about halfway open and stuck his head into the parish office.
 “Father Joe?”  he asked.

Six Sentence Sunday – 11/6/2011

At the corner of Atlantic and Garden, Monty passed the only open place at this time of night.

A neon sign lit the entire corner and shone off of Monty’s face with a smoky blue glow.

It read “Sammy’s” and it glowed in the dark night.

Monty pressed his hands up against the window and saw a sparse crowd of only three or four people at the bar.

He wanted nothing more than to drown his sorrows in a cold one and he dug into his pants pockets to see if he had any money on him.

He found nothing and checked all the pockets in his Army jacket to see if anything would turn up.

NaNoWriMo Day 4

So after falling behind I was finally able to pump out a few hundred more words and break the 5,000 mark.  I think I’m done for the night.  Just want get my count updated on the web site, but it’s currently down for a fix.
This contest definitely has me pumped up and even though I feel like Im writing myself in circles, I am glad I’m doing it.  I will eventually go back, edit and redo the story to make better sense of Jason Salvo’s plight to not become a pawn of Satan.

Who will overcome? Perhaps one day you’ll read it and find out.

My current word count is 5,066 which averages out to 1,267 per day.  It’s currently off the pace, but I plan to have one good 5k word day this weekend, possibly Sunday if I hit the local write-in.

Wish me luck, as I do for you.

Keep plugging away NaNo’s!!!

NaNoWriMo Day 3


So it’s day 3 of NaNoWriMo.  It is very difficult doing this with a full time job and a two and a half year old.

I really planned to keep up with the target goal of writing 1,667 words a day, but I’m already slacking and planning for a HUGE catch up weekend.  I’m currently at approximately 3,700 word for an average of 1,243 per day.  It’s not terribly far off, but at this rate I’ll simply keep falling further behind.

I dont plan to let myself off the hook, I really need to crank out another 1,000 words tonight once this boy falls asleep.

How’s your NaNoWriMo going?